Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to choose stone Benchtops?

Nowadays the benchtops are mostly used as the kitchen countertops. An individual needs to be ensured about the benchtops that they will be last for a long time as they are made from the durable materials. The benchtops are nowadays available in a different pattern, styles and colour. Having stone benchtops in your kitchen can make your kitchen gracious and you can gain many benefits from it. 

To make your kitchen better and beautiful you can use the stone benchtops which look amazing. There is the availability of different types of Stone Benchtops in Melbourne which has certain advantages which you need to remember while buying it.

Some types of benchtops with Advantage you can choose:- 

1.    Laminate: it is a cheapbenchtop available as compared to the others which are agood option if you have  less budget. 


•    Affordable for buying
•    Does not require special chemical for cleaning
•    Adaptable and customizable

2.    Quartz:-It is a regular type of benchtop which consists of 7% resin and 93% quartz in it. 


•    Gives a luxurious look to the kitchen
•    Stain can be resisted easily
•    Due to the hardest surface scratch can be resisted

3.    Granite:-It is a natural type of the benchtop. For a kitchen, it is an ideal material to be used for making the kitchen attractive. 


•    Not much costly as compared to the another hard stone
•    Availability of numerous patterns colours
•    Stain can be resisted easily
•    Heat and scratch resisted

4.  Marble:-The marbles are made from the limestone. You can contact Baron forge or visit are-famous for supplying marbles in Melbourne


•    They are heat resisted
•    They are widely available and are easy to be found
•    They are conductors of heat
•    They are much bright and not available in other stones

5.    Acrylic:-They arevery attractive and affordable if you compared it to the granite benchtops. 


•    Can be cleaned easily
•    Attractive and affordable
•    Easily can be resisted from the stains
•    Easily get installed
•    Not affected by the chemicals

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